Describe the type of student who should attend Siena Heights University. Why?



Types of students that attend at SHU are students that apply themselves. Students here are encourage to work in groups, think critically, and engage with faculty members. The group work and critical thinking will help safe their futures. This will help students to better problem solve and work together as a team. Siena wants students engaging with professor and faculty members. By interacting with the faculty member's, this will helps students understand the mind of a working professional. Students will have better understanding on what is expected in the workforce, and what is expected from them.


Valorous. Definition: adjective Having valor; courageous; valiant; brave. Siena Heights University is not a college for the faint of heart. If you are a student looking for a college that will pass you through the system without truly getting to know or care who you are and what you have to offer, you should probably keep looking. If at the end of all this you want to be handed a virtually meaningless piece of paper that indicated that you received an "education", steer clear. Most importantly, if you are uninterested in going through an experience that will make you alter your view on the world and transform you in a way that will shock everyone that knows you, especially yourself, attending Siena Heights would be a terrible choice. If however you do like the idea of working with advisers and professors that truly care about making sure that you are heading down the right path that will lead you to success, both on a professional as well as personal level, Siena would be perfect. A word of caution though. Siena Heights will change you. This is a truth that may not appeal to everyone, after all change can be very frightening. If you can stand to undergo a change that will redefine your very being a way that you never dreamed possible, go to Siena Heights university, and be valorous.

Anonymous, Student, Siena Heights University, Class of 2018

A person willing to go above and beyond because its a one lifetime chance to achieve their dreams. A person making so many mistakes but is willing to continue on and becoming successful beyond compare is the type of student Siena should always have as a fellow saint.

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