Describe the type of student who should attend North Point High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, North Point High School, Class of 2017

North Point High School is known for its special STI programs. Science Technology and Industry programs. These programs are designed to give a student classes that will give them a background in the potential career that they want these STIs include: Biotechnology Automotive Technology
Cosmetology Cisco Networking Academy Collision Repair
Criminal Justice Electronics Graphic Communications Electrical Construction Culinary Arts Engineering Welding Technology Education Careers Manufacturing Engineering Technologies
Academy of Health Professions Im in Biotech and sometimes other sTi's receive college credit or legal certifications that are respected in the workforce. So north point high school is a school for a people who know what the want to do in there careers and want to have an advantage over others in their life.

Anonymous, Student, North Point High School, Class of 2018

The type of student that should attend North Point High School for Science, Technology, and Industry is someone who is very driven and is willing to do their work. You have to have a good work ethic, be logical, and enjoy learning. This applies for students in the science, technology, and industry programs, as well as the students not in the programs. You need to have these qualities so you will stand out the person interviewing you for a certain program. They look for someone who will not slack and who really wants to be in an STI (science, technology, and industry) program. Students who do not apply for a program should still remain very driven and ambitious when it comes to good grades. You should also be someone who likes to have fun. The staff at North Point High School is very serious when it comes to learning but they do a great job at making it fun. You enjoy going to class rather than dreading it because even if it is a boring subject, the teacher will most likely think of a fun activity that helps you grasp the concept while still having fun. The classes at North Point High School can be very challenging but if you do your work, study, and remain active in class you will succeed.

Anonymous, Student, North Point High School, Class of 2016

A student who wants to attend a great school where they care about their students. North Point has so many opportunities and great teachers that a student's options are endless for career choices and activities.

Anonymous, Student, North Point High School, Class of 2016

A student looking to attend North Point High School should be career focus, self motivated and well disciplined. North Point is a STI ( Science, Technology, and Industry) School. The main focus is helping kids that know what they want to do as a career better prepare for life after school. Being involved in one of our STI programs puts you ahead with a lot of things such as admissions to college, scholarships and internships. You go into college or the work force having more knowledge than an average graduated senior of your class. Most of the time you would be able to receive a certification from your chosen program and can work straight out of school. The STI Programs range from criminal justice and health occupations to engineering and drafting. The programs also serve as a trial run of your desired career choice. It allows to get a better understanding to what you will do in that career and if that career is the right one for you. Students that are really interested in getting an early start in their career would be perfect for North Point.

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