What are the most popular extracurricular activities at GWU?


gst156, George Washington University '18

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The GWU has a plethora of extracurricular activities available for students to participate in. However, Greek life is by far the most participated type of activity here at the GWU. There are many different fraternities and sororities. There are social fraternities and sororities, multicultural fraternities and sororities, professional fraternities, and service fraternities. Only social Greek life is segregated by gender hence the distinction between fraternities and sororities. The professional fraternities are co-ed Greek life organizations centered on a career or major. Here at the GWU there are professional fraternities for pre law, pre med, economics, business, and many others. Greek life is a big part of the GWU, but it's not for everyone. If you are not interested, there are plenty of other organizations and clubs you could join.

ezhurb, George Washington University '18

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The most popular student organizations here are College Democrats, College Republicans, and the International Affairs Society. About a third of the undergraduate student body is involved in Greek Life as well. Many people perform community service.

allison18, George Washington University '18

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I would say students at GWU love to tackle on as much as they can. There are hundreds of orgs and students keep coming up with more. Greek Life is not dominant on campus but it is definitely on a lot of people's radar. Jobs at the Center for Student Engagement such as Residential Advisor positions, Colonial Inauguration Leaders (leaders for Freshmen summer orientation), and tour guides are well-respected on campus as well.

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