What is a typical Westlake High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Westlake High School.


Anonymous, Student, Westlake High School, Class of 2016

A student at Westlake High School has a rigorous academic schedule. Many students will take AP classes, beginning their freshman year. Most seniors who graduate from Westlake will attend UCLA, USC, Harvard, and other intelligent universities in America. Westlake students want to excel in and out of the classroom. Also, every student at Westlake does something outside of the classroom. Most people, like me, would participate in sports and compete with local high school teams. The music department with Orchestra, Choir, and Band is well taught at Westlake with outstanding recommendations. And then there are students who participate in yearbook, Photography, Arrow Newspaper, clubs offered on campus, and the Advanced Anatomy program where you can dissect a human cadaver as a class. Every student at Westlake can balance their social and academic life during the school year. A student will take challenging courses, participate in athletics, and help the community with clubs such as the American Red Cross and American Cancer Society. Overall, I am proud to be a Westlake Warrior!

Anonymous, Student, Westlake High School, Class of 2017

Every school has it's own variety of personalities within the students attending. To me, Westlake High School is a very outgoing school. We try and do a lot for our community and others in need when we can! Most of the people at Westlake are spontaneous and hysterical and just so much fun to be around in general! We have a lot of great kids attending Westlake! Anyone can come! We are always looking for more variety in the students here! It's way more fun to get to know different people with different skills! No matter what their social status may be, we always have a way with getting most students to support and embrace the Westlake Thunder spirit!

Anonymous, Student, Westlake High School, Class of 2016

Westlake high school is composed of mainly African-American students. Westlake high school students are very boisterous and rowdy. A typical student at Westlake participates in multiple extracurricular activities and displays enormous amounts of school spirit. A person of any ethnicity would feel at home at Westlake High School.

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