What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Arizona Christian University?


Anonymous, Student, Arizona Christian University, Class of 2016

Well, I am an off campus student, in the adult accelerated program, I live about forty-five minutes away. I know that sports are a big part of campus life due to the many programs available at the school. There is also Chapel on campus, which is an encouraging outlet for those who are in need of a positive jolt for their lives. I am part of the adult accelerated program which is excellent for helping those of us that work, have families, and would like to further our education with a Christian backing. There are also mission trips and area church organizations to be involved in to bring those together whom are striving to look up to One main supporter, God.

Anonymous, Student, Arizona Christian University, Class of 2017

  1. Campus Events! We have events like Mr. ACU, movie nights, etc.
  2. Attending athletic events. We have an extremely good Men's Basketball program and attending games is one of the most exciting things to do.
  3. Exploring Phoenix. Phoenix, AZ is beautiful during the school year, especially the fall and spring. We hike, swim, shop, and explore everything Phoenix has to offer!
Anonymous, Student, Arizona Christian University, Class of 2015

Hang out in the SAC room- this is where you interact with other students that attend ACU Attend and support the different Athletic programs- per season Prayer groups or events- where students can gather to express their faith and support those in their faith or challenges they may have

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