What was a typical The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati.


Anonymous, Student, The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati, Class of 2015

Because I attend an art school, I think it's safe to say that a typical student from my school has always been artistic, especially in high school. No one should attend this school, but if you do, be sure you'll find plenty of people who love video games, anime, cartoons, and graphic novels.

Anonymous, Student, The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati, Class of 2018

The typical student at the Art Institute is pretty hard to describe. There's not much of us, to be honest. But if you walk through campus and then you start thinking, "Oh lord," and you stereotype what kind of students there are. And let me tell you, there are some kids here that would make you wonder. But if you sat in a class in high school, you could just tell which ones were going to an art school. The ones who achieve more in art instead of math, the ones who doodle instead of listen to the teacher, the ones who spend their lunch in the art room and doodle on a page and they're the next Picasso and then they claim it as they're just bored. Then there are the students who are into graphic design. You would see them in those computer graphing classrooms in high school. The ones who do so well at Photoshop and Illustrator and makes you wonder how in the world they even have the skills to do that. I don't even need to describe the gamer student, anyone could spot them from a mile away. They are the people who sat in school, and was always talking about Pokemon, or a new game. Those kids, man. I tell you, they are the ones who played games in front of a computer or t.v. for at least six hours straight. They wear the graphic t's and don't know when they smell. Now, I'm not saying all 'gamers' are like that, I'm just saying that was the typical high school gamer. Because it was high school. Now, you could tell which girls were into fashion, they woke up early, did their hair and makeup and anyone could tell they picked out their outfit carefully. They smelled good, and looked good. Moving on to the animators. They were the student who did crazy things to their hair, and wore a lot of black, but if you talked to them, they were the nicest people you'd ever meet. They were the students who liked that Japanese Anime, and talked about a show from their childhood called "Dragon Ball-Z," that was their show. And they have been into it ever since and wanted to create a career out of it. The type of person, who should attend Ai, would be someone who appreciates art. Someone who wants to understand it more, who has a creative mind. Someone that can go to a museum and not say, "Oh I could have done that," and understand why they couldn't. Someone who wants to learn new skills, and have the motivation to spend six hours on an art project. Someone that isn't just interested in art, someone who craves it.

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