Describe the type of student who should not attend Union Grove High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Parent of student at Union Grove High School

One who may not plan to go to college after graduation. Classes and instructors are college-geared. The county provides students with Academy programs for their needs.

Anonymous, Student, Union Grove High School, Class of 2016

Union Grove High School does require you to take a certain amount of credits in the sciences, math, social studies, arts, technical education, physical education, health, and English areas of study. As far as I know, so do most high schools. If a person is not mentally or physically capable of performing under this type of learning style, then UGHS may not be the best fit for them. Special learning options are available but I am not familiar with these. A parent would be able to identify and research the best high school option and environment that fits the needs of their child. UGHS is a division 1 and a larger high school. If a student prefers small class size and a smaller school, they may want to look at attending a different high school. UGHS is a public high school. It does not offer religion or christian education opportunities. If a student desires to have an education that focuses on the foundation of their religious beliefs, then UGHS may not be a good choice to attend.

Anonymous, Student, Union Grove High School, Class of 2016

A student who is not willing to participate in school wide functions, or who will root for the other team in a basketball game. A student who does not care about their school work and would rather socialize during the time they are given to work.

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