Describe the type of student who should not attend Weber State University and explain why.



The type of student who is lazy, if you aren't willing to put in the work you may as well find another school. You don't get to just sit back and get great grades you have to work so hard all of the time and enjoy doing it or you won't make it.


ready to learn but wiling to make frends and have fun aong the way. also wikling to talk withteachers when they need some extra help on their work. it helps enhance the college exprierence to have some people help yu along the way and who knows you might make some true frends along the way AND LEARN AS YOU GO.

Anonymous, Student, Weber State University, Class of 2020

I believe that community is all about unity. Students who believe that Weber State isn't for them, then that would be a legitimate reason. It is not for me to determine who should or shouldn't attend this college. I do believe that anyone can conquer or overcome any difficulties if they believe in themselves and not everyone else. We live in a competitive world and only a few can be trusted. I will say that there are students that attend who say they will make a difference and take a stand, but they don't. I believe we all should stand up for not what is right, but for what we believe in.

Anonymous, Student, Weber State University, Class of 2017

Just looking for an easy degree? This is not the school for you, find an all online access school where you don't have to really "attend" and participate. Weber State is for those who want to learn and progress.

Anonymous, Student, Weber State University, Class of 2019

One who does not care about school, because if you are willing to pay for school you should actually care about and try to get good grades.

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