Kanye West raps about creating a Montessori School in Blessings. What does this mean? What would a Kanye led Montessori school be like?


Jules Csillag, Speech Language Pathologist and Learning Specialist

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Haha, what an interesting question! I can only speculate, as I do not represent Kanye. In the song, he mentions watching his daughter getting home schooled, and wanting to open up a Montessori whose hallways would look "like a monastery."

As someone who works in a Montessori school, there is something about the Montessori philosophy that overlaps with minimalism (and a monastery-like aesthetic). The idea behind this minimalism is to introduce Montessori materials as children become ready to use them. Throughout the year, more and more materials become introduced, but neatness is consistently valued in classrooms. Some Montessori schools do not tend to place work on walls to keep their walls simple and orderly. Modern Montessori schools, however, have embraced walls as a way to highlight student achievements and as a way for students to "publish" their work and be proud of them. Whether that makes it less Kanye-favorable is up for debate...

Kanye also has a history of being artistic, creative, and visionary. These are all qualities that Montessori schools can nourish through project-based learning, valuing the arts, and allowing for self-motivated learning. Curiosity and self-directed, independent learning are also valued at Montessori schools, and it sounds like Kanye shares these values.

Read more on the American Montessori Society's website about the hallmarks and benefits of a Montessori education, as well as its learning materials.

Sydney Locke, Montessori Teacher

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I agree with Jules and also there is a great article on Mommy vents that I really love about the song and Kanye: My Mommy Vents Check it out I think its awesome. He's also rumored to be involved in a Montessori school in Williamsburg: C'E Montessori Love that he's supporting creative, independent schools.

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