What was a typical The Art Institute of Portland student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend The Art Institute of Portland.


Anonymous, Student, The Art Institute of Portland, Class of 2016

It's hard to describe, because At Institute offers so many different majors and each major has its own personality. Animators, illustrators, and game designers all tend to be fairly introverted while fashion, marketing, and film students tend to be more out-going. They all have their on quirks and you're likely to be walking down the street with them when they become overly engrossed in the lines of a street lamp because to you it may be a street lamp but to them it may be a frame for a movie sot, a new dress design, or the pattern on a beast for an animation or game. Anyone with a craving to create and impact the world around them should attend the Art Institute of Portland.

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