What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Stanford University?


Syd, 3 Reason Why

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  • lots of fun annual traditions
  • Stanford academics are top-notch and professors are among the best in the fields
  • Stanford offers great value and helps students who need financial aid

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Velma Dennis, Stanford students

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Maitri Shah, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2017

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There's a lot of academic freedom, really passionate people, and an unparalleled beauty of a campus--what's not to love? free ebay gift code generator

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2019

Stanford is in Northern California, where the weather is sunny and slightly breezy for a good amount of the year. It might seem like location isn't too big of a deal, but sunny days definitely make for better moods and better motivation for studying. Also, Stanford has the leading computer science and psychology department in the world, along with other phenomenal programs. The professors themselves have conducted groundbreaking research and earned Nobel prizes; a student at this university would be able to study under such esteemed people. Finally, the student body at Stanford is incredibly warm and accepting. At other top-tier colleges, competition is cutthroat and students are trying to weed out others in an attempt to gain an advantage, but the atmosphere at Stanford is nothing like that. Here, we try to help others and build up one another. By learning from others, we learn about ourselves as well.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2019

It's an amazing school for undergrad education. It has a really great alumni base to help you land a job after you graduate. It has a strong focus on Liberal Arts Education.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2019

  1. Access to a world-renowned education. 2. Close proximity to Silicon valley means that there are constantly ideas that make their way out into the real world and vice versa (also good placement for jobs/internships/research opportunities). 3. Even as a freshman, you have the opportunity to take classes with some of the brightest minds in the world--nobel laureates, people who helped build the internet, etc.
Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

Its a great school. Stanford has some of the finest opportunities and departments in the United States and the world. It is also a huge creative hive with extensive funding. The possibilities are endless and students can do almost anything with enough effort. Finally, going to Stanford will prepare you for the future. It may not be the happiest place on earth. It may not feel like you fit in. Ultimately, you will go out into the world knowing what you want and be prepared to attain it.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2016

There's a lot of academic freedom, really passionate people, and an unparalleled beauty of a campus--what's not to love?

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

  1. You want the world's premier education with premier facilities and professors
  2. You like to have fun with outside of the above criterion 3 The weather is pretty much sunny year round
Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

Stanford is in the top of the world academically and in sports so it is a great place to attend. Stanford provides all the opportunities you would need to excel from research, to clubs, to classes on specific topics. Also, Stanford is located in a prime location within Silicon Valley which allows for collaboration and learning among businesses and students.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

Stanford is an all around amazing place. The friendly and laid back atmosphere accompanies the intense passion within every student and faculty to make a difference in society, creating a truly magical environment to be a part of.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2016

Well, it's one of the best schools in the nation, the weather is great, and there are so many opportunities to take advantage of while you're there.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

  1. I can't imagine that it's news to hear about our incredible resources, dedicated faculty, just inconceivably expansive list of course offerings, etc. All I can say to that is that it's all true - sometimes I feel like I am exaggerating when I tell people about how willing my professors are to help me (and honestly, it couldn't have been easy to talk me through differential equations for the fifth time in an hour with patience and acumen, but it's been done) or how many resources are available not just to any group or level of students but to every single undergraduate on campus, but it's simply because Stanford is an unbelievable place.
  2. I was hoping to stray from cliche and I've been struggling desperately, but THE PEOPLE. I have met the most compassionate, intelligent, understanding people on this campus. They're funny and irreverent and dedicated and driven - a beautiful mess of contradictions and just, the best.
  3. Our dining halls have consistently been voted one of the best in the country. Honestly, what could be more important than that?
Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

Stanford University sustains a brand that attracts fascinating perspectives from across the globe. This results in an amazing student population, academic faculty, and motivating social and academic atmosphere.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2016

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are driven to learn. Ability to gain access to growth and knowledge in their field of study. Well-curated opportunities to grow as a person which will help students throughout the rest of their lives.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2016

  1. The ambiance. I came to Stanford because of the ambiance and cool atmosphere. I felt comfortable
  2. The resources and opportunities available. They have resources for all interests.
  3. The people. Every student whether undergrad or grad is amazing and special in their own way.
Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2018

I can only choose three? This is going to be tough. First, choose Stanford because of the environment. I know I speak on behalf of my classmates and myself when I say that Stanford is unique; the moment you walk on campus and see the variety of students, you will remain in awe. Just to think for a second that the person biking by might be the next president, or that the quiet girl reading a book under the shade of the tree in Main Quad might be a published author herself, or that the kind man that held the door for you might be a Nobel Prize winner, takes your breath away. I never cease to feel the power and potential in every single person around me and it inspires me to showcase the best of me. Second, choose Stanford because of its diversity and the cultural lessons you will learn. Before I came to Stanford, I considered myself global-minded, but let me tell you, I was just a drop in the ocean of the wonderful students that could share multiple cultures. I have only attended Stanford for two quarters now, and have learned more than I ever have before, even after living in 4 different countries. Stanford students have taught me the beauty of the world without having to travel it; I have seen places through people's stories, felt pain and happiness because of some of the culturally-related obstacles my peers have faced, and have learned the value of sharing who YOU are with others. Third (but not last), choose Stanford because you can be you. No matter who you are, black, white, straight, gay, international, local, an athlete, or a nerd, Stanford welcomes you with open arms. What I love about Stanford is that everyone is their own person; you will not encounter another person like you, and as students, we love that. The community is so accepting, it gives me strength. On the first weekend of school, my entire dorm sat in a circle and we just talked about challenges, origins, and fears that we had about Stanford. Funny enough, everyone feared the same things. It was a night full of tears, laughter, and I shared so much love for the people in the room even after only a week of knowing them. Stanford is there for you. This also applies to the academics of Stanford; you can study anything from art to zoology. Just remember one thing, if you choose Stanford, be YOU.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2015

A degree from Stanford is great for employment, the sun and California weather is always cheery, the people are more relaxed here.

Anonymous, Student, Stanford University, Class of 2017

-The quality of education rivals that of the Ivy Leagues -We have the whole college experience--academics, sports, clubs, campus life, weather, etc. -It is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world

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