What is a typical Merrill F. West High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Merrill F. West High School.


Anonymous, Student, Merrill F. West High School, Class of 2016

A typical student at Merrill F. West High is open-minded, eager to learn, and spirited. Our school is extremely diverse and there is not a time where you aren't surrounded by people completely different from you. We are the most diverse high school in our small town of Tracy, CA. So you definitely have to be accepting of all kinds of people regardless of race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We have many students who are a part of our Space and Engineering Academy (SEA) who are enrolled into rigorous classes and then we have many students who aren't in that program but still challenge themselves by taking AP courses. There isn't a friend i know who isn't taking an AP class. This year our Leadership is the most spirited in our town. Only 4 days into the year our Leadership has been extremely interactive and has made sure people are proud to be a part of West High. If a student wanted to attend my high school, they would have to be accepting, engaging, and proud.

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