What is a typical Richland High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Richland High School.


Anonymous, Student, Richland High School, Class of 2016

Richland High School is a very diverse campus. Because it is so diverse, describing a typical student is nearly impossible, but that's okay. Our student body embraces these differences and accepts everyone; therefore, anyone could attend Richland High School and have a fun, educational experience!

Anonymous, Student, Richland High School, Class of 2016

The typical Richland student is full of school spirit. Walking down the halls in school you can see our school colors, red and blue, being worn by many of students on any given day. Anyone looking to show their school pride should attend Richland High School because of our supportive and cheerful environment.

Anonymous, Student, Richland High School, Class of 2015

It is hard to get feel for what the entire student body at the school is like, since there is so many of them. And if you have been able to meet them, finding a few words or sentences to describe them is tough. But if you were to describe them you would say that they are generally nice people, that they are pretty easygoing, and that they are very expressive in their ideas and cannot help but speak whats on their mind. You would say that they are very social and open with other people about their feelings, but at the same time you could tell that they are carrying a lot of baggage and troubles outside of school. They may not be the most hard working student's but they do not blame their shortcomings on problems at home or extracurricular activities. They are pretty stressed about academics and as a result of that they may fight with their friends or teachers, but by the next day they come with a smile and all of that tension will be water under the bridge. If you a student who just goes with the flow and is generally a caring person, you will be welcomed here regardless of background, grades, or attitude.

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