Asked about: Marist College

Describe the type of student who should attend Marist College. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Marist College, Class of 2019

From my personal experiences, Marist College is extremely open to a diverse group of students, both academically and culturally. Through many resources and opportunities, Marist is able to cater to the needs of every student enrolled. In general, Marist College seeks students who are serious about a college education and those who intend to pursue a field in which he or she is passionate about. The faculty and staff of Marist is helpful to keep students on track towards their goals. Although it is ultimately up to he effort and dedication to succeed in college, Marist enjoys the journey of guiding students on a path to a successful future.

Anonymous, Student, Marist College, Class of 2016

People who are interested in being a business major or minor should apply to Marist. Marist is mainly a business school and therefore caters to their business students. Marist College also has a strong religious base. They accept student no matter their religious preference. The Greek life at Marist is not predominate, but it is here. They do events here and there.

Anonymous, Student, Marist College, Class of 2018

Any type of student should attend Marist College. This is not to say that Marist is a diverse school, but rather to note that no one type of (people) should be exempt from anything. Marist is filled with a broad range of students who come from Germany, Mexico, Italy, and many other places. We are all aspiring students with diverse backgrounds. Involvement in sports, community service clubs, and civil rights groups is heavy here.

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