Can you give me more information about Palmer Elementary School's pre-k program?

Is there an enrollment deadline? Does the school charge tuition? What is the student to teacher ratio? How many pre-k classes does the school expect to support in Fall 2015?


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Palmer Elementary School is a public elementary school and the cost of its early education program is on a sliding scale. It does not charge tuition for families who meet income eligibility requirements. More information about how the programs are funded is available on the school district website.

It supports two pre-k programs; the first is for 3 and 4 year-olds, has half-day sessions from Monday through Thursday and is comprised of a mixture of students with and without special needs. The other class is a full-day program for four and five year-olds.

Specific information on how to apply for pre-k and kindergarten is available on the school's application page.

According to the frequently asked questions page most pre-k classes have between 16 and 20 students. The FAQ also mentions that enrollment occurs in two rounds; the first extends from December to the end of January of the year before you intend your child to begin school. The second round begins on March 1 of the year before and extends until the program is filled. Preschool begins in August at the same time as the other grades. For specific dates for this upcoming school year, I recommend calling the school's Early Education Office at 720-423-2678, 720-423-2679 or 720-423-2676 for general questions. You can call 720-424-2625 if you need help with the application process.

Lastly, if Palmer Elementary doesn't meet your needs, you can search for other schools on Noodle's preschool listing. You can also find some helpful advice on Noodle's topic pages.

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