Describe the type of student who should not attend Stevenson University and explain why.



Students whose goals are short-sighted should not attend Stevenson University. The university challenges its students rigorously, and those who are not prepared for the challenge should reconsider.


A student pursuing partying and an extremely social atmosphere should not attend Stevenson. Stevenson has no parties on campus and few off campus. There are so many activities on campus, but to have an un-school sponsored social atmosphere is rare. Students who are not looking for a very academic school, should not attend.


The type of student that shouldn't attend Stevenson University is someone that isn't interested in making friends or becoming involved. For most degrees, Stevenson requires an internship before you can graduate. So don't attend if you're not willing to expand and maybe sometimes step out of your comfort zone.

Anonymous, Student, Stevenson University, Class of 2019

If a student is not serious about their education, they should not attend Stevenson. Anything below a 73% is a failing grade. I believe it was an excellent idea for my school to change the failing point up to a 73 percent, it makes students study harder and achieve more. If you also plan on partying a lot, do not come to Stevenson. Our small university is not known as a party school. So if you plan on going out every night, do not come to Stevenson.

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