Describe the type of student who should attend Great Basin College. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Great Basin College, Class of 2016

  When attending Great Basin College, one realizes how many benefits it truly offers students who wish to be close to home, have affordable tuition, excellent teachers, distance learning through online courses, and a very homey and personal learning experience. GBC is a small community college that is expanding through its distance learning programs with online and interactive courses. The classes are small, allowing teachers  and students to commute and interact with each other outside of class when help is needed. Students that are seeking a personal learning experience and teachers that are willing to take the time and help should attend Great Basin College. 
   Thanks to GBC’s duel credit program, I managed to get a head start on college in pursuing my academic and career goals. Great Basin gave me the opportunity to take duel credit college courses during high school which allowed me to receive my AAS in General Business only one year after graduating from high school. I am now currently planning on receiving my Associates of Arts and AAS in Accounting this upcoming spring semester. 
Not only has GBC saved me time and money through their duel credit program, but they’ve also aided me in the form of employment. Thanks to GBC, I currently work for them as a Lab Tech Aide in the High Tech Center, where I am privileged to work among such friendly and dedicated employers, staff, and students. GBC has provided me with employment, a quality education, passionate teachers, and a homey atmosphere with a personalized learning experience. I am thankful and appreciative for these benefits that come from attending Great Basin College.

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