Would you recommend attending Catonsville High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Catonsville High School, Class of 2016

I would highly recommend Catonsville High School because the teachers really connect with the students on a personal level and provide support for all students. There are a wide variety of activities to participate in after school as well at a large array of sports activities. Additionally, the academic support students receive if they are struggling with a topic is top notch, giving student the ability to excel.

Anonymous, Student, Catonsville High School, Class of 2017

I would definitely recommend attending Catonsville High. Primarily, the school is of little cost as a public institution, but still manages to consist of quality educators, curricula, and facilities. Ranging from a variety of challenging AP courses to the newly renovated weight room, Catonsville allows students to truly push themselves if they take initiative. As a freshman from a lower middle class family, I was exceedingly appreciative for these resources after I had begun to utilize them. My time since then has been an eventful two years. Catonsville has upheld a resounding standard of balance: while being challenged in numerous college-level courses, I have at the same time maintained a vibrant social life with many new friends and relished playing in the exhilarating seasons of soccer and track. But aside from my personal experience, extracurriculars together with school enthusiasm really pin down why Catonsville High is desirable for any student. As mentioned in the previous inquiries, these two staples of the school enhance life outside of academics. The wealth of extracurricular organizations ranging from ultimate Frisbee to LGBT Alliance allows for practically anyone with a particular interest to get involved. Additionally, a sense of pride for the school abounds and makes everyone feel like they belong. This spirit engulfs and unites a diverse student body, one that is inviting to seemingly anyone as long as you have an ethnicity or personality. Catonsville High School offers four years full of excitement and opportunities; if one’s experience is anything remotely close to mine, I have faith it will be a memorable one.

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