What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Concordia University-Texas?


Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Texas, Class of 2018

Three top things that students at Concordia University-Texas do for fun are our Christmas Tree Lighting which we all gather around the christmas tree listen to music, drink hot cocoa, and eat cookies. Then there is Coffeehouse which is our talent show event. Finally there's Tornado Tuesdays is where our activities team offers free food to students especially commuters

Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Texas, Class of 2015

Many of the older students will go to bars on 6th Street. Concordia has a lot of events and concerts on campus that they will send you emails about periodically. The Gamer’s Society is on campus and a fun way to help those with an interest in gaming connect, and socialize.

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