I looked for Montessori programs within 20 miles of Camden, South Carolina and found 21 listings, none of which offer--or claim to offer--a Montessori program. The Montessori School of Camden, about 3 miles from the center of town, is not listed. What can I do to remedy this?


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Hmm, I'm not sure why The Montessori School of Camden didn't show up on your search. I found it by searching for "Montessori" under the "All" category. My search also brought up several other schools and preschools in the area, many of them in Columbia, SC.

If you continue to have problems finding the schools you're looking for, feel free to write back with a follow up questions and I'll forward your question to the Providers Team here at Noodle. Or, if you prefer, you can contact the team yourself at providers@noodle.com.

Good luck and feel free to write back any time you want!

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