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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Hope College?


Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2018

During the warmer months a lot of students will go the beach which is less than ten minutes from campus. Sporting events are another thing that many students attend. The Hope v Calvin rivalry is known nationally and it is always fun to attend those games. A final fun thing to do at Hope is go to the Kletz at night and listen to live bands which play every Thursday.

Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2017

  1. Frolf. (frisbee golf)
  2. Relax at one of the coffee shops downtown--either JP's or Lemonjello's.
  3. Hang their hammocks in the Pine Grove, the grassy center of campus, and play either contemporary Christian or indie alternative music.
Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2018

  1. Donut Runs
  2. Party
  3. I don't know. I'm just doing this for a scholarship entry. Now I have to type even more because this site is being annoying
Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2018

There are many things that students at Hope enjoy to do, but one of the top things would be frolfing. Frolfing is Frisbee/golf and there is a course on campus that students have taught each other over the years. Everyone can play it some are really good, and some not so good. There are holes in which you can get extra points, and if you hit a squirrel you get three extra points. It's a lot of fun, except that if you hit and innocent bystander with your frisbee you have to ask them out on a date. The second thing I would say students enjoy doing is hanging out in the Pine Grove. The Pine Grove is at the center of our campus and is exactly what it's called, a pine grove. It's a grassy area with some pine trees around it. On a warm spring day you will find most of campus out there. People do everything from hanging hammocks up, passing a football or soccer ball, laying out in the grass doing homework, some people even tight rope walk. The third thing I would have to say is midnight doughnut runs. Right off campus there is a 24 hour doughnut shop called Good Time Donuts. I can guarantee that every student goes on a doughnut run a few times a year. It's a place that when you're sitting in your room or the library studying for a final and need a break you can go for a study break. It's especially handy for those of us who don't have a car. You can always text a couple friends and head to good times to rest your brains, and you always see a few other people you know.

Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2017

  • Attend SAC events (Social Activities Committee puts on events every week)
  • Go on a donut run to Good Time Donuts
  • Coffee dates with friends
Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2018

  1. Go on a coffee date to JPs or LJs
  2. Hang up a hammock in the pine grove and chill
  3. Go to campus wide events
Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2017

Three things that Hope students do for fun are volunteer, party and hang out with friends during school events.

Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2015

3) Students at Hope College attend sporting events! Our school holds the record for the highest attendance in D3. Our student section is called "The Dew Crew" and is given free Mountain Dew at every game. 2)They go on midnight donut runs! Only a block from our campus is a tiny donut shop, called Good Time Donuts, where a man in his boxers serves $1 donuts to students, and is open 24/7. It's quirky, but definitely a Hope College must. 1) Students hangout in downtown. Our campus is located in Holland MI, which has one of the top ten main streets in America. Students can shop or grab a bite to eat in the scenic area.

Anonymous, Student, Hope College, Class of 2016

Students attend Hope College basketball games where they participate in the Dew Crew. Hope students go on "donut runs" to get a late night snack. Students also hang out in the Pine Grove on nice days.

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