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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Kettering College?


Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2019

At Kettering College, there are many ways to have fun on campus due to organized events planned by the faculty, staff, and dorm RAs. Recently a scavenger hunt was held to help everyone who was interested to get to know the campus better. It was such a fun way to become competitive with one another while learning more about the college itself. Also, every Friday night there is a collective available for any student who are interested. The collective is an event where those who come receive dinner and a chance to worship God with one another. The discussion is so relatable and it gives students an opportunity to chat with those who they typically wouldn't talk to. Kettering College holds a variety of events that include free food and talking with one another. An ice cream social, pizza, subs, or a potluck lunch, are just some of the opportunities given to the students at Kettering. These "food" events are so enjoyable because you get to meet people who also want to be involved. However, even those who do not want to be involved have an opportunity to have fun. Free wifi and cable is available to all the residents here at Kettering College. That leads to multiple people bonding while watching Netflix or their favorite TV show with one another without even leaving their hall or the property itslef. There are multiple ways to get involved and have fun at Kettering College, causing everyone at the school to become family.

Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2020

Kettering College is a great college because it is so small! It really feels like everyone is family, and even more so living in the dorm. The college is great because they offer us so much free food. Free food is great when you're a broke college student. It's a great way to get to know each other! We love sitting around talking and eating. Another fun thing is all the activities they have set up for us. Every Friday they have something called "Collective." It's where everyone can eat some free food, and then we have a short Bible study. It's great because people of all religions are welcomed. Another activity they had planned for us was a scavenger hunt around the hospital/college! It was really fun, and people won some great prizes (giftcards/t-shirts)! Lastly, just hanging out with the people living in the dorms. We play card games, watch Netflix, go shopping, and just sit around and talk! Kettering College has been the best decision I have ever made.

Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2015

In between classes, the students hang out in the lobby area and socialize. There is also a gymnasium with basketball, pingpong, weightlifting equipment and cardio machines, such as treadmills and stationary bikes. In the summer, the outside of the school is very well-kept and makes a great place for the students to walk or just enjoy the weather together.

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