What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Lyndon State College?


Anonymous, Student, Lyndon State College, Class of 2015

Lyndon State College has a lot of great things for their students to so for fun. Lyndon has over 100 clubs that students can sign up for and they have the option to start a new club. Students also attend a lot of school sponsored activities on campus and love to go to sports games.

Anonymous, Student, Lyndon State College, Class of 2018

As Lyndon State College is in a very rural area in Northern Vermont, the most popular thing to do is Skiing/Snowboarding on the mountain resorts in the area and also on the hills on campus. The college has an arrangement with a local theater and the campus activities board plays movies that have just left the theaters in our auditorium; movie nights usually happen twice a week and are very popular. When there isn't snow on the ground, many students take advantage of rural setting and go hiking. It's pretty common to run into your classmates on the trails on a nice weekend.

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