What is a typical Bishop Noll Institute student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Bishop Noll Institute.


Anonymous, Student, Bishop Noll Institute, Class of 2017

Bishop Noll is a very diverse community of individuals so it can be difficult to pinpoint the "typical" BNI student However, in my opinion, the typical BNI student would be someone interested in trying something new with activities, being a passionate student for the school (as in school pride), and the opportunity to succeed in life later on.The type of people who should be attending Bishop Noll should be people who care a lot about the quality of their education and preparation for college, who are unafraid to meet new people and join new things, and those who are very friendly to new people and carry a certain, lively charisma.

Anonymous, Student, Bishop Noll Institute, Class of 2016

A Bishop Noll Warrior is always optimistic. We are the best, the brightest, and the boldest. From my experience, BNI has treated me like an adult; being a college preparatory school that means we are expected to rise to the challenge. The faculty nurture us, my band teacher is like a second father to me. He has taught me to love music and pursue it. My band teacher, as well as Bishop Noll has shaped me into a confident vehement woman.

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