What was your experience at Sidwell Friends School?


Kyle Jaster, Sidwell Alumn '01

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I loved Sidwell. As a new student freshman year I met great friends with whom I remain close. Sidwell has an incredibly rigorous academic program that is led by teachers who care deeply about the students as well as the material.

I always felt that I was treated as an equal by teachers and students alike, and was given many opportunities to explore academically: for me this meant taking an independent study in Jazz theory, and building an interactive website on Dante's Inferno.

The school has a lot of families that are either wealthy or well known in Washington, and as someone who came from a decidedly different background I occasionally found myself having difficulty connecting my life to that of other students. That said, I never felt explicitly ostracized by my classmates and I usually found it easy to fit in: students are remarkably self-aware and socially-conscious for their age.

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