Would you recommend attending Konawaena High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Konawaena High School, Class of 2016

Compared to the other schools on Hawaii, I would recommend going to Konawaena. We alone are a diverse school, so you can easily find a group of new friends to socialize with. If you play any sports, you can automatically make friends with your peers because we like to be close with each other. We are sure to help others in their time of need. Everyone at our school knows everyone's names. Not because we are a small school, but because we interact with each other everyday we eventually learn each others names.

Anonymous, Student, Konawaena High School, Class of 2017

Yes, I would recommend Konawaena Highschool if I had the choice. This is because Konawaena Highschool is a school with a lot of school spirit, good curriculum, and great extra curricular activities for the students that attend. There is also help wherever and whenever you need it; as long as you take it upon yourself to seek the help you need, konawaena High will surely be there to help. For example, scholarships, if a student is looking into scholarships or needs help/ guidance on what they should do next, they just need to go to the school counselor. From there the school counselor will advise the student to see the school scholarship teacher, where he helps push these student in the right direction and in a sense be their cheerleader to cheer and support them on their quest to go off to college. Some people might argue that Konawaena High school isn't a "good" school and isn't there for the students but, really its the students responsibility to seek the help/ guidance they need. Konawaena High school is not here to babysit their students and hold their hand every step of the way. The students need to be responsible, independent and show that they want to go ahead and achieve greater means. They cant just sit around and expect the scholarships to come rolling in and have all the colleges knocking at their door. No, they have to work for it, put effort into their school work and show that they are serious about their academics because Konawaena is willing to help anyone and they encourage everyone to do their best and strive for the best but, once again it comes down to the student. As for me, I know for a fact that when i finish college, i want to start a family and have my children attend Konawaena because it is a great school that opens many doors of opportunity for their students and if i can go to college and become successful they surely can and will too.

Anonymous, Student, Konawaena High School, Class of 2017

I would recommend attending Konawaena because of the positive energy surrounding this place. Everyone knows of one another and we work together to get the job done. I have grown a lot in this school and achieved great things from a school so small. I met tons of people and made friendships with people I would least expect. The only bad thing about this school is the bathrooms are horrible and the lunch portions got smaller. Other than that, I'm proud to be a future alumni at Konawaena High.

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