I am seeing some negative reviews about this school. Can you give me an idea as to whether any of the negative reviews have any merit at all?


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You're definitely right that reviews of Our Lady of Victory Catholic School are mixed. It's hard to gauge the accuracy of the negative reviews. It does seem like there are some consistent complaints regarding the administration, but out of the relatively small quantity of reviews available it's difficult to know if the administration is ineffective in general, or if a few parents had problems.

Hopefully, some parents from OLV will post to this thread so we can get first hand experience. In the mean time, I recommend calling the school at 707-306-9026 to set up a tour as well as reading up on the school's philosophy and curriculum if you haven't already.

If this school end up not meeting your needs, you can use this school locator to find other religious schools near Tyrone, GA.

Best of luck and follow up with more questions any time you need!

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