Asked about: Wagner College

What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Wagner College?


Anonymous, Student, Wagner College, Class of 2018

Firstly, one can only benifit from emersing one's self into the student body. Wagner college's student body offers a welcoming and positive vibe. As someone who is introverted, being involved with varies groups on campus have gotten me to come out of my shell and become a better overall student/person. Secondly, I believe that the small class sizes at Wagner are only advantageous for an eager learner. As some one who strives in an environment with personal interaction with an instructor, I would highly reccommend this college. For example, I am current a physician assistant major at wagner college; however before this pursuit, I was able to earn a BS in Biology. Having such small class sizes allowed me an opportunity to have more one on one time with instructors and master the materials presented. Finally, I believe the access to Manhattan is a large perk; by being so close to a city, finding internships/jobs is an attainable goal.

Anonymous, Student, Wagner College, Class of 2015

To be close to NYC without actually being in the City? To get a degree in performing arts? To learn from second rate professors

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