Would you recommend attending Liberty High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Liberty High School, Class of 2016

      In all honesty, I could think of no better high school to attend than Liberty High School.  This school and community are idyllic.  I love this school, that houses so many memories and lessons from my journey into adulthood.
      My family left the city and a very populated school district so I could enjoy the small town high school experience that they both did as teenagers.  I do not think that I quite understood then, but I do now: it was one of the wisest and most monumental decisions we ever made.  
      The students make the school what it is.  Raised with strong values and a dedication to learning, my school is exemplary in its academics and extracurricular activities.  My peers strive for excellence both in and outside of the classroom, as they work to bring glory to our small school.  We are all connected through our devotion and participation in being Liberty Hawks.  When I first moved here, the kindness and friendliness of all of the people who attended my school was overwhelming-- I am so fortunate to be a part of  something so special.
      We could never be so successful if we did not have all of the teachers, coaches, and administrators here to guide us.  I have learned an incomprehensible amount of knowledge from educators who make it their priority, not only to teach, but to instill understanding into the next young generation.  Our coaches also encourage and motivate us in unimaginable ways:  both to practice play and hard, and to keep our grades up so we can continue to do what we love.  We have each learned invaluable lessons of sportsmanship from these experiences.  We will all be forever grateful to the administration, too, for giving us a safe campus to learn and grow on.  How lucky we are to have counselors who arrange advanced classes and special electives for us to take, so we have the opportunity to improve our education and expand our knowledge.
      Of course, my community has also shaped my high school experience.  Liberty High School has become the lifeblood of our little town, Madera Ranchos, and the support we receive from other members of the town is awesome.  Through their advocation and generosity, we always have a full crowd at sporting events, and are able to continue growing all of our programs.  Our small community also provides the ideal location to learn the values of kinship, kindness, and sharing, as we find excellent examples in our community members.
      Liberty High School is awesome in most every aspect.  In this special community, I have received quite a quality education from extraordinary staff, amongst a promising group of some of America's next leaders, doers, and achievers.  My high school is a tremendous campus, and I could not choose a more wonderful place to grow up and prepare for academic success in college and beyond.
Anonymous, Student, Liberty High School, Class of 2016

I would not want to attend any school other than Liberty High School. I would absolutely recommend coming to Liberty because of how easily you will be accepted into the hawk family. I have always been in the Golden Valley School District and always planned to attend Liberty. The more time I spent here, the more I've realized just how special Liberty really is. Though it is small in size, the school is full of heart. The kids in the school really make me feel a sense of belonging. Even though I'm not best friends with every single student in my class, I know I can call any one of them and ask for help. It's more than just high school with these people. It's a family we are building every year. Liberty is home and you can easily feel that sense of belonging once you step on campus.

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