Asked about: Whitney M Young

What is a typical Whitney M Young student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Whitney M Young.


Anonymous, Student, Whitney M Young, Class of 2016

The motto of the school is "Where excellence is standard." and every student is expected to uphold it. Students at Whitney M Young are always hard working as much is expected from them. Those who choose to attend, must be willing to face the higher standards of education.

Anonymous, Student, Whitney M Young, Class of 2016

A typical student is motivated and involved in their education. Every student is in some type of extracurricular, whether it's a sport, a club, the play, etc. The vibe at Whitney Young is really cool because we're like a giant family and everyone has school spirit, so it's a really fun and comfortable environment to be in. Most students take all honors or AP classes in order to make their academic portfolio even more rigorous and engaging. Since Whitney Young is a "selective enrollment school", all of the students are grateful and qualified to be there since they have to work so hard just to get in.

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