What are the options after you graduate?


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There are several options after you graduate. You can join a firm and start working. You can start up your own business and become an entrepreneur in the same or different field. Or else you can go into research or lecturing jobs after doing post graduation and also could get a doctorate. I had joined as a trainee at Home and building designers Kerala after graduating in architecture. I am now a senior architect and the job is interesting. As I have gained enough experience in the field, I am planning to start up my very own architectural firm.

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Anonymous, Former graduate student

There are many options for you after college graduation.

The first, and most common path, is entering the workforce with your bachelor's degree. There are hundreds of companies and industries each year looking for new recruits and new hires to work for them. Here, you'll finally (and hopefully) get to put your skills towards the industry and start your working career.

Another path is more schooling. Many undergraduates choose to move forward to graduate school, whether it is medical school, law school, and MBA program, etc. Like the first option, some students will opt to go for a master's degree before heading into the industry. Other students will head to industry after acquiring their PhD. A good number of PhD graduates, however, choose to go into academia, where they become professors in universities and conduct academic research for that university. Academic research isn't limited to schools, however, as many companies will also hire PhD graduates for research.

There is also the option of volunteering or working for a nonprofit organization afterwards. This goes similarly for the first option of going into the industry.

Finally, you can always mix and match the above options as well. Many students may go into the industry, discover that their passion truly lies in academia, and then go back into school to perform research. Other students may work for a few years and work on their MBA or master's degree while working as well. You are never confined or forced to follow one path. Make whatever path you choose your own and I wish you the best of luck with your decision!

Amy Yvette Garrou, College admissions expert (US and international colleges)

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The options are wide, depending on what you've studied as an undergrad; what experience you've gained through activities or internships you participated in, or what research you've done. In some cases (graduate school in particular) your options are affected by your grades. But there are still enormous opportunities.

You can apply to medical school, apply for a Master's or Ph.D. program, an MBA, or many others.

Of course, you can go straight into the workforce, as many students do.

Or, you may be able to do a volunteer program such as Teach for America or the Peace Corps.

No matter what you do after getting your bachelor's degree, it's important to talk to counselors in the Career Counseling office to get help planning for medical school applications, or help writing a resume or finding the right path after graduation. Start early -- even in your first year -- getting advice from Princeton's careers office. This is true wherever you go to college.

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