What is a typical St. Mary's Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend St. Mary's Academy.


Anonymous, Student, St. Mary's Academy, Class of 2016

SMA is for the motivated young women, who is looking for a foundation in social justice and a core curriculum of English, religion, math, science, history, foreign language, and electives. In order to be successful at St. Mary's Academy, you must be independent. This does not mean that there is not access to help at the school. All of the teachers work around your schedule to help you and there are numerous opportunities for counseling and tutoring. None of these resources are available to a student who does not take the initiative to ask for them. An SMA student is a self-starter who will get the job done and put themselves in the best position for their future. St. Mary's Academy is competitive academically, so the student must be intellectual and studious. Still, there are lots of opportunities for fun and SMA is looking for students that take their studies seriously, but also take advantage of opportunities outside of academics and outside of the school. Overall, the SMA student must be prepared to work hard, be independent, take advantage of opportunities, and ride public transportation (the school is in Downtown Portland after all).

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