Do you have test score data from our school available? Would this data, if available, have comparative state and national information to give us an idea how we compare to other schools?


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It's a great question, and policies toward the release of student test score data for private schools can vary wildly between schools, not to mention district to district. Currently, private schools in Minnesota are not required to make test score data public. They are not held to the same requirements as other schools that rely on federal funds.

(Only private schools that are not accredited by a regional or state association are required to administer national statewide tests. You can read more here.)

You can learn more about the different data sources used on the St Mary's school profile at the bottom of the page ("Datasources"). If you are a school administrator, you are able to update your profile, which helps increase your school's transparency to prospective and current students and their families.

You can also find similar schools based on Noodle's rating system when using the Noodle school search.

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