Describe the type of student who should attend University of Rochester. Why?


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, students that use the newest methods

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Anonymous, A respected academic institution in a cold, cold,city.

The type of students that should attend U of R, are academically focused, interested in undergraduate research opportunities, and not looking for typical Greek Life, a party school, or a stellar sports team. This isn't a party school. And FYI, it can get very cold there. Very cold. The curriculum is rigorous, though not cut throat. So be prepared to work, but know you will have help available. It also helps if your a student who has been accepted first; and at around 38% acceptance, it's pretty selective. Students who should attend, will understand that name recognition is dependent. Though it typically ranks high in various independent rankings of National Universities, UofR won't have the same name recognition from the general public, as a Harvard or CalTech. But in the medical/biomed community, UofR is a very well respected establishment and considered a "top school"; it even has its own hospital. And for many other professions, the same holds true as far as respect and name recognition. And unlike the more well known "elite" schools, merit scholarships are possible. On a side not, worth pointing out, this school has great sciences. But unlike many polytechnic institutes, or institute of technologies.....the guy to gal ratio is 50/50. So science students who want to attend a school to cultivate samples while cultivating a dating life...this school is an option.

To summize, the type of student who should attend is the academic student who likes the cold, likes the challenge, wants a top tier school that doesn't necessarily have broad name recognition, where a merit scholarship is possible. And who doesn't want to die a virgin.


The type of people who were either too proud to attend their local state schools or felt as if they were too smart for it; however they weren't smart enough for an actual academically impressive school.

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