Describe the type of student who should attend Madison Area Technical College. Why?



I believe the type of student who should attend Madison College is a student who has goals and is driven. Personally, I attended here so I could get a good academic background in academics with my general education classes and it was also cheaper. This way, I could focus on my studies and not be in lots of debt. I think others would feel the same way as I do. A student with bright future career goals and who is willing to work for them should attend this school. It will definitely give them lots of knowledge for their profession as well as some years of college under their belt when they transfer to a four year university. I also believe a student attending Madison College should be willing to learn. The facilities we have academically are incredible and as a student, one should utilize these facilities and take charge of their own learning. A student at Madison College should be driven to excel, have future goals, and be opening to learning new things.

Anonymous, Student, Madison Area Technical College, Class of 2017

Students that are motivated and passionate about fulfilling their dreams. Students who want to learn, and are willing to leap into the abyss of education, revealing all their abilities and willing to improve their flaws. Students who do not have no in their hearts and never say they can't do something, because we can...I can.

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