Asked about: San Juan College

Describe the type of student who should not attend San Juan College and explain why.



Someone who is just going to school to be social and not take there classes seriously. Also someone who is just trying to get money for personal use instead of their educational needs.

Anonymous, Student, San Juan College, Class of 2019

While San Juan College is the perfect institution to receive an associates or even bachelor's degree, this school is not for students who wish to continue their education directly through them for various bachelor degrees. Many students will have to transfer to a different college to complete their bachelors if not offered by the college (Ex: chemistry).

Anonymous, Student, San Juan College, Class of 2020

There isn't really a type that shouldn't attend San Juan. while it may not have specific degree progams for every major, most majors at San Juan do have degree options linked to other universities in the state, with many having classes offered at other universities being accessible through San Juan, such as with the UNM nursing degree with professors from UNM teaching the courses at SJC. Its a versatile college with options for just about everyone!

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