Describe the type of student who should not attend Lutheran High North and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Lutheran High North, Class of 2016

Anyone who is looking for a big high school with a lot of social diversity should not attend North. Students who go to North are likely to be from the same grade school, live by each other, and have the same average family income. If you do not fit into these social barriers, I would not recommend North.

Anonymous, Student, Lutheran High North, Class of 2017

People who value opportunities over a close-knit high school experience. Although LHN does not offer a large amount of classes, everybody knows everybody, and the teachers genuinely care about and connect with every student. It is a small school with small class sizes, and offers a generally basic schedule.

Anonymous, Student, Lutheran High North, Class of 2017

If a person is extremely creative or not very religious, it would be best that they didn't attend. In the case of the artistic student, their are very few opportunities where they can hone their craft or display it (I learned this the hard way). The nonreligious student will be deterred by the constant religious remarks and displays by the school and will suffocated by the fact that they are a sinner and will never truly fulfill God's standards.

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