Which 3 extracurricular activities at Cottonwood High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Cottonwood High School, Class of 2017

Cottonwood high school is fun loving diverted school where every body welcome. Every one is nice kind to each other all the student are unique in their own way and they are all leaders. Our school is well known for any kind of art. (drawing, theater, choir both girls and boys, painting, musical and many more). Our school is really found of sports like soccer boys and girls, tinniness, basketball, football, track and filed, etc. Everybody have cott pride where every one is a role model to bigger simmer and everyone. Students in our school really like dance and acting we have musical where they put awesome show every time better the ever. The extracurricular i would recommend you to join the clubs that help you with your career and also some thing you like to meet and make new friends. There is class like Leader in action and avid they help you with your career, essay, college, how to be optimistic, and every thing that you need help on. We help each other (some group have mentor) by having study lab where we divide the students by what subject they need help on. Also, by taking lots of arts class and sharing your thought and ideas. My personal favorites are after school Mesa, hosa, poetry and drawing. I want to be in medical filed in the future. Mesa is where you be creatively and share your ideas how you can help people around the world. In this club we design a thing that will help people whose arms are imputed and are lower income. we also design lots of different thing. Hosa is medical club where we learn more about our career and participate lots of thing were we compete with each other. Poetry and drawing is some thing i like to do when i have free time also i love reading club.

Anonymous, Student, Cottonwood High School, Class of 2015

MESA club, basketball and soccer are the most popular ones based on the concentration of students in each of them compared to others. But I would recommend any one whether a girl or a boy to join the volleyball team and the HOSA club.

Anonymous, Student, Cottonwood High School, Class of 2016

The top three extracurricular activities at Cottonwood High School are Football, Basketball and Volleyball. The extracurricular activities that I would recommend are Key Club, Volleyball, and Robotics.

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