What is a typical Thomas Jefferson High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Thomas Jefferson High School.


Anonymous, Student, Thomas Jefferson High School, Class of 2016

One of the most competitive and specialized schools in the United States is Thomas Jefferson High School. The challenging and diverse curriculum offered by the magnet school, especially in STEM, is the driving force behind many students with strong passions that set them apart from each other. It is ideal to describe the TJ Colonials as a group of people climbing a mountain, each with a different skillset and area of expertise.

At the same time, TJ students share many other qualities that make them unique. First, they are usually very motivated, not just to satisfy a diploma requirement, but to quench their own thirst for knowledge. It is this self-motivation that makes the students often more successful throughout their career. In addition, students tend to be very innovative and pioneering at TJ, from publishing books on mechanics to sending a TJ satellite to outer space through NASA.

TJ is definitely not any typical high school. A student that wants to attend and be successful at TJ should be very persistent and determined, whether it be to stay up until 2 AM to solve a research problem or build a small-scale nuclear reactor for just a minor school project.

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