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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Bellin College?


Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2017

  1. Private college with deep roots in the community.
  2. An incredible reputation and nearly 100% pass rate on matriculation exams.
  3. Caring instructors that get to know each student on a personal basis to teach them the ins and outs of nursing.
Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2016

Three reasons someone should attend Bellin College are: a top school for nursing in the area, connects you to many hospitals and resources, and all of the professors are/were nurses at one time so you get a lot of advice or real life situations.

Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2016

1) Bellin College has a long and storied tradition of providing its nursing students with an education that prepares them for the demands of the ever fast-changing healthcare environment. Bellin College continues to restructure its nursing program to meet these changes. This devotion is portrayed through Bellin College’s rich heritage and commitment to healthcare education. 2) Very few colleges can offer the small student to faculty ratio that Bellin College has. This small ratio allows faculty members to be available to students. Professors care about their students at Bellin College, so no student gets left behind. The small ratio also allows students to receive a comprehensive clinical with hands-on practice. 3) Students whom attend Bellin College not only learn the necessary knowledge to be successful in a nursing career, but also learn very valuable life experiences and values. Students are able to develop critical thinking skills with a commitment toward the College values of Excellence, Integrity, Community, and Caring. And after graduation, these students will be able to function in leadership roles, and affect social, ethical, political, and economic issues surrounding health care.

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