What is a typical Shadow Ridge High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Shadow Ridge High School.


Anonymous, Student, Shadow Ridge High School, Class of 2015

There's really no way to describe a 'typical Shadow Ridge High School student' we're all extremely unique with all sorts of different ambitions and special interests. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses it's nearly impossible to do, where there are students who strive for a hard earned grade balling their eyes out if they don't receive an A there are students who kick it into high gear who turn in missing assignments and re-taking their tests so that way they don't need to repeat a class on an online course. We're just different sure I myself can easily describe someone in my clique, but try to find different group and it can become difficult.

Anonymous, Student, Shadow Ridge High School, Class of 2016

A typical Shadow Ridge High School student is a hard-working student who always strives for success. This is very key as we are the highest rated High School in the Dysart Unified School District. This means we are higher rated than Valley Vista, Willow Canyon, and Dysart High School. Although we are a public high school, we hope to always take the best academic students that can really help our school create a high success atmosphere. A person who attends Shadow Ridge High School must not be afraid to be themselves and really show how great of a person they are. Going to Shadow Ridge, you will not be made fun of or discriminated upon as our whole student body at Shadow Ridge is one big family. We all care about each other deeply and there isn't one person that is left out as a loner. A person attending Shadow Ridge High School must be willing to get involved as much as possible such as in joining Clubs, Activities, or joining or trying out for a sports team. It makes your high school experience very fun and exciting and creates memories with friends that you will never forget. Lastly, all Shadow Ridge Students must always be willing to come out and support any school events such as when our Varsity Football team has a home or away game, or when there is a school dance you could attend such as Homecoming, or even attending the Cheer Competition to watch our Cheerleaders compete against other high schools. If we get a large amount of people to support it creates an amazing atmosphere at Shadow Ridge showing that we are proud to represent this great school as well as motivate our fellow peers to do their absolute best at everything that they do.

Anonymous, Student, Shadow Ridge High School, Class of 2016

I've often thought that the average kid at my school is a very quirky person outside of it. Every person at my school has a wonderful & unique personality. From the youngest freshman to the most experienced senior, every singly student stands out in their own way. The type of person who attends shadow ridge should be the kind of person who likes to be an individual, to not be defined by a crowd, or the people they hang out with, but by what they say and do as a person. Of course you can have your group of friends, but each of you will have your own story, and personality.

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