Which 3 extracurricular activities at Aragon High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Aragon High School, Class of 2015

The 3 most popular extracurricular activities at Aragon are sports, music, and clubs. Aragon has a range of sports, from football in the fall to lacrosse in the spring.

The sports teams have good track records and have access to dedicated coaches that help them grow as players while developing lasting friendships with the coaches. I don't participate in any school sports, but I know that the students at Aragon really love to support their Dons (our school mascot) at sports games and rallies. The most popular sporting event of the year would probably have to be the Homecoming football game in the fall against our school rival Hillsdale. We had a very long winning streak against Hillsdale that lasted years, but unfortunately, that streak ended this year (we will get the title of Homecoming victors back next year!). At the football games and the biannual sports rallies that Aragon holds, the school pep band plays to get the crowd energized and pumped up.

Speaking of pep band, not only does Aragon have a great sports program, it also has a wonderful music program. The Aragon music department is made of three choirs, two orchestras, and five bands (two of which are jazz bands). The people of Chamber Choir and Jazz Band are brave souls since those two groups practice during zero period, so they have to get to school extra early and be there by 7:00. Our music groups have won various words, especially the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble, who often rank Superior or Unanimous Superior at their respective CMEAs (California Music Educators Association). To add on to our bands' excellence, they were invited to tour in China during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics). Every other year or so, several music groups go on tour to Disneyland during the first three days of spring break.

Next on the list of the three most popular extracurricular activities at Aragon are the variety of clubs that students can join. We have more than 30 clubs to choose from, ranging from Tabletop Gaming Club to Chinese Conversation Club. The clubs also have several chances each year to interact with the general student body and raise funds for their clubs. A popular event that mainly involves the clubs' participation is Aragon's food fair, which is held 3-4 times each year. At the food fair, clubs sell food to raise money for their clubs' treasury. Since this involves food, it is a very popular event, with high-demand products such as churros and bubble tea, running out of stock quickly.

Personally, I would recommend participating in one of Aragon's music groups, especially since I have been a part of the band portion of the department for three years (unfortunately not four due to a scheduling conflict). Unfortunately, I can't really provide a recommendation to sports or clubs since I don't have much experience with either activities. I've never participated in school sports and have only been a member of a club just for this year. Anyway, yes, I would definitely taking up music at Aragon (even if you can't play any instruments, you could always join choir). Both of the teachers who teach music are great at their jobs and are really dedicated to teaching their students and helping them grow not only as musicians, but as people as well. I've seen many students just have casual conversations with the music teachers, which just goes to show how friendly and approachable they are. The students taking music also have a lot of fun. Yes, it can get tiresome and annoying, but it's really great when the whole ensemble pulls off a really difficult piece or just simply being in tune on the first or second try.

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