People always suggest that I use Duolingo to learn another language, but I was wondering if there are other apps that I should also check out. Any suggestions?


Scarlet Michaelson, English and Writing Teacher

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It depends on a few things. Two of the major factors are how comfortable are you with apps and how much of the language do you already know? If you are starting from scratch in this language, I would use Duolingo or another app/program such as Rosetta Stone as a supplementary educational tool. Remember, nothing replaces live language learning! So it shouldn't be the ONLY source of learning if you are new to the language. In fact, if you are completely new to this language, I would suggest enrolling in a class. Many language classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate professional schedules. However, if you are using the program to brush up on a language that you used to use regularly, or to learn one that is similar to one you already know, then you should be just fine.

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