What was your experience like at Ohio Dominican University?


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There are several student review sites out there that allow alumni and currently enrolled students to share their perspectives on and experiences at their colleges and universities, often they break down this information into specific categories such as academics, campus life, athletics, things to see and do locally, etc. If direct contact with alumni and currently enrolled students prove difficult these sites can be utilized as a useful tool for gathering a sense of what your own experience might be like based on what others have to say. Here are a couple of the most useful reviews with links to where you can read further and gather more specific information in your area of interest. I hope this helps!

"I think Ohio Dominican was perfect for developing a well rounded education and broad knowledge base. The student/teacher ratio is perfect and you can always get help, even after graduation. It appears the school has gotten even better since I graduated with additional dorms, a radio station, activities, more varsity sports, and some Master degree programs. I had attended two large universities prior to Ohio Dominican and I never felt like more than a number at those schools. At Ohio Dominican, 99% of the time I felt like I was part of a family." Read more here.

"There are intramural sports teams, varsity sport teams, clubs, band, choir, and plenty of movie nights to entertain yourself. Easton mall is only ten minutes down the road, and down town Columbus is also ten minutes away. There is plenty to do with Ohio Dominican being so close to the center of Columbus." Read more here.

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