My child turns five on Sept 29, 2016; can she still attend Culberston Head Start next year?

She's not yet potty-trained.


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Culbertson Head Start Center offers a regular Head Start program for children aged three and four, and an Early Head Start for children under 3. If your child is ineligible for kindergarten, she should be able to attend Head Start. I recommend calling your local school district to find out the cut off date for children enrolling in kindergarten.

To learn more about the center's policies regarding potty-training I recommend calling Culbertson Head Start at (229) 985-7400.

If you live in Moultrie, GA and you haven't contacted your school already, you may want to call Colquitt County Schools at 229-890-6200 to learn about the dates and age-limits for kindergarten registration.

I hope this helps! Best of luck!

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