Why does the light created by other stars never reach earth. For example, we have a star 100 light years away and we always see it as a small glowing dot, even if it's dead now, the light should still be traveling in all directions. Why is there no period when the earth is lit by the light produced by that star as it is now by sun?


Charles Wang, I took an astrophysics class in college. If memory serves, had mediocre marks.

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The light created by other stars does in fact reach earth. The small glowing dot is the light of that star, generated 100 years ago, reaching us. If the photons physically never reached us, we'd never be able to perceive them.

Consider reading up on the "inverse square law" - it's the reason the star doesn't strongly illuminate the surface of Earth the way our sun's light does. But rest assured, the light is in fact reaching us.


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