Would you recommend attending Gorman Learning Center if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Gorman Learning Center, Class of 2016

Gorman Learning Center is truly the best of both worlds.
Because it is publicly funded, it is ideal for economically challenged families. However, the academics at Gorman are nevertheless excellent. Gorman teachers have earned degrees in Aerospace and have extensively researched behavioral biology. One teacher has studied at Oxford University.
Also, Gorman students go to classes two days every week and study the material the rest of the week. This gives exposure to the enriching opinions of their class-mates and allows more family bonding at home, something that is severely lacking in America today. It also adds convenience in scheduling out-of-school activities. For these and many other reasons, I would highly recommend Gorman Learning Center to any family that wants a combination of flexible education and excellent academics.

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