What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Heald College-Fresno?


Anonymous, Student, Heald College-Fresno, Class of 2015

The classroom size is smaller than other colleges. Second it is more hands on training.Third the instructors are very helpful and are always available.

Anonymous, Student, Heald College-Fresno, Class of 2016

The reasons why people should attend this college are: 1. The degree gets completed very quickly; there are several undergraduate programs that one can enroll in as well and all of the programs can be completed within two years. 2. Heald college helps its students find internship options and jobs in their field even after they leave the college and Heald college offers jobs to its students as they are studying. 3. The schedules at this college are very flexible. There are several classes from which a person can choose his/her best time

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