Would you recommend attending College Academy at Bcc if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, College Academy at Bcc, Class of 2016

Of course! College Academy at Broward College gives students a wonderful opportunity to graduate with both their high school diploma and AA degree. Also, the environment and people of College Academy are extremely warm and welcoming!

Anonymous, Student, College Academy at Bcc, Class of 2016

College Academy at BCC has it pros and cons like every other school. Bad news first, College Academy at BCC takes you away from the friends you have met during the first two years in high school. It takes time for a lot of students to adjust to the new environment and new people; however, some students never adjust. At College Academy at BCC it's either a student studies twice as hard as she or he did during high school or learn to study smart. Learning how to study in a setting similar to the one at College Academy At BCC is difficult because every three months (semester) you have six or seven new teachers, meaning you have to readjust the way you study for those teachers. That's 24 different teachers and ways to study in one school year! On the other hand, College Academy at BCC gives students the chance to earn their AA and high school diploma at the same time. The environment prepares students for some of the struggles that they will have to face when they go off to universities. Students are also prepared for the registration process step by step until they have perfected it. With the help of advisers at College Academy at BCC, students will be more than prepared for their experience at other colleges and universities. Overall, I will recommend any student to go to the College Academy at BCC because you save money, learn important life lessons, and get college experience all for free!

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