What was a typical California Institute of Technology student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Cal Tech.


Anonymous, Great Institution! :D

Someone who goes through life wondering why life goes by so fast. Thinking maybe, just maybe, someone out there thinks the way they do. Thinking that, someone out there realizes that we live in this real and hazy time machine that never goes backwards. Almost like a dream you never wake up from. You dream about the future, and things that could happen. You dream about the past and things that could have. We worry about our future so much we blaze through the present then all of the sudden the once future becomes the present, and just like how fast a minute on a clock is. Our life is over. It's depressing to think, that I am leaving middle school this year. We have 2 weeks left in school, I feel as if I have control over everything BUT anything... It's so confusing. I hope maybe one day there will be a way to 'redo' our lives. The bible speaks of such things, but we won't know till then. Soon enough that future will become the present, and the future that was once drawn out to us will have no end.

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